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Fabrik List - Image Element - control image size


You have two choices:

a. Use a Fabrik php plugin to produce a 64x64 version of the club logo whenever it is updated and use that; or

b. Use css to download the 640x640 image but show it as 64x64.

Apologies for not explaining better. For option a. I was suggesting that you convert from 640x640 to 64x64 but keep both images. Then you can download the size you want depending on circumstances and avoid slow web pages downloading a big image when a small image is all you need.

Thanks again, I will have a look how to resize. And yes to speed up the site is very useful.

For option b. works fine.

Here what I did, if someone is searching for a similar request:

element -> List view settings -> CSS -> Cell CSS => width: 64px;