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Matlab Simlink Embedded Coder


生成针对嵌入式系统优化的 C 和 C++ 代码

Embedded Coder® 为大规模生产中使用的嵌入式处理器生成可读、紧凑且快速的 C 和 C++ 代码。它对 MATLAB® Coder™ Simulink® Coder 进行了高级优化,以精确控制生成的函数、文件和数据。这些优化可以提高代码效率,简化与现有代码、数据类型和校准参数的集成。您可以结合使用第三方开发工具编译可执行文件,以在您的嵌入式系统或快速原型构建板上实现即交即用式部署。

Embedded Coder 对 AUTOSAR、MISRA C® 和 ASAP2 软件标准提供内置支持。它还提供可追溯性报告和代码文档,以及支持 DO178、IEC 61508 和 ISO 26262 软件开发的自动化软件验证。Embedded Coder 代码是可移植的,并且可以在任何处理器上编译和执行。此外,它还为特定硬件提供具有高级优化和设备驱动程序的支持包。

Embedded Coder 快速入门

Embedded Coder 基础知识学习

从 Simulink 模型中生成代码

从 Simulink 模型中为嵌入式系统生成 C/C++ 代码

从 MATLAB 代码中生成代码

从 MATLAB 代码中为嵌入式系统生成 C/C++ 代码




Software is inherently complex and is not free of errors. The output of a code generator might contain bugs, some of which are not detected by a compiler. MathWorks reports critical known bugs brought to its attention on its Bug Report system at Use the Saved Searches and Watched Bugs tool with the search phrase "Incorrect Code Generation" to obtain a report of known bugs that produce code that might compile and execute, but still produce wrong answers.

The bug reports are an integral part of the documentation for each release. Examine periodically all bug reports for a release, as such reports may identify inconsistencies between the actual behavior of a release you are using and the behavior described in this documentation.

In addition to reviewing bug reports, you should implement a verification and validation strategy to identify potential bugs in your design, code, and tools.

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